Mindfulness Intensive – Reserve


In today’s fast way of living, we are often unaware of our reactions and focus. Mindfulness provides us with the key to a more aware and calmer life, allowing us to be present in the moment.

Through the Mindfulness Intensive, an accredited program by the In-Me Mindfulness Association, you will learn breathing techniques, physical exercises, mindfulness meditation and NLP that bring fast and positive results. This education is concrete and continuous, adapted to your dynamic lifestyle.

Benefits include significant stress reduction, improved emotional self-regulation, greater focus and presence, reduced reactivity, and the development of self-compassion.

Through eight modules, from Introduction to Mindfulness to Integration, you will develop mindfulness skills, learn techniques for changing habits, understand the impact of thoughts on your state, and many other useful tools.

In addition to the mental benefits, what you learn will help you connect better with your own body and environment. Mindfulness is more than a meditation technique – it’s a way of life that allows you to be present in the moment.

Join us on this journey to inner peace and discover the power of the present moment